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The Stewardship Community    

Stewardship is recognizing our participation in God's economy. God gives each of us different gifts to carry out his work. God calls us to share an abundant life that is marked by communion, communication and community. As good stewards of God's gifts, we nurture and share them with the community as we work for the greater good.

Stewardship is about being that beacon on the hill that is Riverside, shining our light, a conduit of God's work, around the corner and the world. To support the missions and programs of The Riverside Church, please contact us at

Planned Giving
Planned giving in a way to prepare for the future well being of your loved ones, and also to provide for the important work performed by The Riverside Church. The Office of Stewardship and Development is a resource for information about how you can accomplish your planning goals. Please contact The Office of Stewardship and Development at 212.870.6754 for further information or you can e-mail us at

Leadership Gifts
You can take a leadership role at Riverside by making a major gift contribution. Our Leadership Campaign is one way to help ensure the operation of our core programs continue. In a time when so many have so little, we're asking those who can to give more. For more information about our leadership campaign, please call 212-870-6782.

What Did Your Pledge Dollars Do In 2013?
Some funded over 90,000 meals in the food pantry. Others covered the tuition of all 120 graduates of the Barber Training Program. Your pledges also allowed for clothing distribution to an average of 50 individuals a day.

In 2014, we have to surpass last years pledges. More of our neighbors, family members and friends are facing crippling financial struggles and they're counting on us, as stewards of God, to lend a helping hand and give back. We hope that with prayerful consideration you will make a pledge today enabling us to grow our ministries and help those that need it most.

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As Stewardship Season continues, we will be highlighting the words of a few members of our community:

Jeff and Nikki Kready
& daughter Lena

Riverside Congregants, 2012
Riverside Members, 2013

Q. What drew you to Riverside?
A. We wanted an open and affirming church. All of our best friends are gay. Diversity drew us here. And it says something about the historic import of the Church that there have been speakers here like Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela.

Q. What does Riverside give to you?
A.The Church's social gospel. Lots of churches stand for a gospel, but don't necessarily act on it in a very tangible manner. Riverside marries faith and action - a true social gospel.

Q. How do you give to Riverside?
A. We take our standard from the Hebrew which is a tithe of 10% of our gross, because we couldn't very well pay God less than our agents. They get 10% of our gross - so should God. It's only fair. We feel so blessed as actors to work and do what we love that we think it's only fair to give back to the programs we love.