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Riverside Sharing Fund/Densford Fund
"Our Ministry in The World"

Through the Sharing Fund, The Riverside Church pledges 10% of its annual offering from its members to finance projects outside the church that are consistent with the church's commitment to fulfilling its mission. Local, national and international organizations may request grants of up to $5,000.

Grants are also available through the Densford Fund. These are specifically for projects related to Native American youth. Organizations meeting these requirements may request grants of up to $10,000.

Applying for a Grant:

If you wish to apply for funds, please review the Funding Guidelines as described in the attachment below. Then complete and return the Application Form to The Sharing Fund Committee at The Riverside Church, 490 Riverside Drive, Attn: Carlene Pinto, New York, NY 10027 - Tel. 212-870-6854. You may also send a completed grant application via email to: The same application form is used for a Sharing Fund or Densford Fund grant request (there is a place on the form to indicate to which Fund you are applying).

The Riverside Church Sharing Fund/Densford Fund Committee thanks you for your interest.

 Instructions for Applicants (pdf)
 Download Request For Funds (doc)
Download Feedback Form (pdf)

 Sharing Fund-Densford Fund Grants Awarded in 2013
pdf: click here to download.

 Download the Sharing Fund/Densford Fund Summary
pdf: January, 2011 through June, 2012

Riverside Sharing Fund/Densford Fund News

Click here to view a PDF of grants awarded in 2014

Click here to view a PDF of grants awarded so far in 2015

The members of the Riverside Sharing Fund/Densford Fund are pleased to share information about grants that were awarded at our meetings on 2/7/15, 3/2/15 and 4/6/15.

Riverside Sharing Fund
10% of all pledges by Riverside members go into the Sharing Fund. The 12-member committee then awards grants of up to $5,000 to organizations outside of Riverside to fund local, national and international projects.

Art and the Gardens Summer Youth Enrichment Program - The Rev. Linnette C. Williamson Memorial Park Associations, Inc. - NYC - $3,000 - There are a lack of affordable summer programs for African-American and Latino youth. Without a school structure, they often lose ground academically. Our grant will support a 7-week program for 20 children, free of charge, in partnership with Bank Street College of Education. Curriculum includes literacy, Word of the Day, gardening, arts & crafts and theatre as well as field trips to Liberty Science Center, American Museum of Natural History, Queens Farm and Sony Wonder Technology Lab. This takes advantage of Williamson Park Association which is one of the few inner-city urban land trusts in NYC and the US. It includes three vest-pocket parks and community gardens and one open-space children's playground.

Awareness Workshop on Anemia and Nutrition Care for Women and Children - Time Organization - Tamil Nadu, India - $4,000 - In India, 53% of women and children are affected by malnutrition, underweight and anemia. Working in multiple slum areas, each workshop with involve 50 women, a medical doctor, a social worker and an expert on nutrition. They will supply monthly nutrition kits as well as Measuring Identity Cards which will be marked each month to chart the progress.

Collective Ownership for Dalits - VOC Rural Development Center - Tamil Nadu, India - $4,000 - Dalit widows face discrimination. Their traditional jobs are to do menial work which leaves them no time for education. Their social status is based on their husbands so they lose this when they are widowed. Our grant will help fund a project to raise and sell pigs. The funds will be used to train 30 women in piggery, constructing sheds for pigs and initiating revolving credit for purchase of pigs. Money earned with be used to support children's evening education.

Fast from Fast Food - 2/8/15 to 4/5/15 - Interfaith Worker Justice - Chicago, IL - $3,000 - In solidarity with fast food workers who are calling for $15 an hour wage and a right to organize for better working conditions, IWJ is asking people of all faith traditions to "Fast from Fast Food" during Lent in an effort to reflect on the harmful impart of the fast food and retail industries on workers, families and communities that rely on the poverty wages their jobs often provide. Our grant will help in website development and promotional materials.

Get in the Way: The Journey of John Lewis - The International Documentary Association - Los Angeles, CA - $5,000 - Our grant will go towards post production costs for a documentary on John Lewis - Civil Rights activist, congressional leader and human rights advocate. The film invites a new and larger audience to discover Lewis' story.

Get your Read On! (GYRO!) - African Voices - NYC - $5,000 - GYRO! has operated since 2007 serving 300-500 students each year in grades K-12 living in low income communities. We will support a project in a public high school in Community District 9. Our grant will help hire two instructors - one in theatre and one in creative writing - to work with students to create a play using as role models Lorraine Hansberry and August Wilson and to create stories/poetry in the mode of James Baldwin. There will be a public performance and some writing will be included in African Voices Magazine.

Project Happy - Hunter College Department of Curriculum and Teaching - NYC - $5,000 - Project Happy provides educational, socialization and psychological skills to persons ages 6-26 with developmental delay, cerebral palsy, spina bifida and autism. Our grant will help fund a part time social worker for the Saturday program for 5 autistic teenagers who are being prepared in a support group to overcome behaviors associated with autism in order to become productive adults with viable employment options.

Safe, Energy Efficient Stove Project - Hunger Relief International - Oklahoma City, OK - $5,000 - Inefficient, unhealthy (increased rate of chronic respiratory illness) open wood fire cooking stoves used in many rural Guatemalan homes would be replaced with a modified version of the customary "plancha" stoves. These stoves are 75% more efficient. They are also raised up from the floor so help relieve back pain caused by leaning down to cook. Our grant will build 20 stoves.

Youth Leadership Summer School: Palestinian and Arab Youth - Palestinian Youth Movement (PYM) - White Plains, NY - $5,000 - PYM is a grassroots organization committed to leadership development, social justice and cultural empowerment of young Palestinian and Arab communities in the US. There is no paid staff. Our grant will support the Summer School which will include cultural performances, lectures/discussions on Arab and Palestinian culture and history, colonialism, struggles for freedom, identity in the diaspora, racism, freedom struggles of other communities and generations, collation building and campus organizing.

Densford Fund
Created from a bequest in the 1970's, this fund supports projects relating to Native American Youth. Grants of up to $10,000 are awarded by the committee.

Go'Vu After School Program - Native American Advancement Foundation - Tucson, AZ - $10,000 - Program serves youth of the Tohono O'odham Reservation which is located the third poorest county in the US. The reservation has a high school dropout rate of 50%. Our grant supports a program which provides daily tutoring in the afternoons, arts and crafts as well as gardening classes, fitness clinics, and nutritional coaching to over 60 students yearly (ages 5-14).

Native American Youth Summer Camp Program - Association on American Indian Affairs (AAIA) - $10,000 - AAIA provides funding for Native run youth summer camps in the areas of cultural and language preservation and health & wellness/diabetes education. These are run by Native organizations and tribes across the country. They are designed to strengthen and preserve the uniqueness of the individual culture of the tribe by providing opportunities for their youth to learn traditional cultural practices from tribal elders.