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Riverside Sharing Fund/Densford Fund
"Our Ministry in The World"

Through the Sharing Fund, The Riverside Church pledges 10% of its annual offering from its members to finance projects outside the church that are consistent with the church's commitment to fulfilling its mission. Local, national and international organizations may request grants of up to $5,000.

Grants are also available through the Densford Fund. These are specifically for projects related to Native American youth. Organizations meeting these requirements may request grants of up to $10,000.

Applying for a Grant:

If you wish to apply for funds, please review the Funding Guidelines as described in the attachment below. Then complete and return the Application Form to The Sharing Fund Committee at The Riverside Church, 490 Riverside Drive, Attn: Carlene Pinto, New York, NY 10027 - Tel. 212-870-6854. You may also send a completed grant application via email to: The same application form is used for a Sharing Fund or Densford Fund grant request (there is a place on the form to indicate to which Fund you are applying).

The Riverside Church Sharing Fund/Densford Fund Committee thanks you for your interest.

 Instructions for Applicants (pdf)
 Download Request For Funds (doc)
Download Feedback Form (pdf)

 Sharing Fund-Densford Fund Grants Awarded in 2013
pdf: click here to download.

 Download the Sharing Fund/Densford Fund Summary
pdf: January, 2011 through June, 2012

Riverside Sharing Fund/Densford Fund News

The members of the Riverside Sharing Fund/Densford Fund are pleased to share information about grants which were awarded at our meeting on 3/3/14.

Riverside Sharing Fund
10% of all pledges by Riverside members go into the Sharing Fund.  The 12-member committee then awards grants of up to $5,000 to organizations outside of Riverside to fund local, national and international projects. 

Music Education Program - Manna House Workshops Inc. - NYC
$5,000 - General support targeted at subsidizing instructors fees. Manna House provides classes to 135 children in Harlem in a broad spectrum of the performing arts. Students pay $80 per month but scholarships are available.

Children of Africa Hope Mission School - Riruta United Women Empowerment Program - Kenya
$5,000 - Children of Africa Hope Mission School serves 157 orphans, offering two meals a day and a formal educational curriculum. Our grant will be used for school furniture - desks, lockers, chairs, tables, dining benches and blackboard - to help create a positive and effective learning atmosphere.

Densford Fund
Created from a bequest in the 1970's, this fund supports projects relating to Native American Youth. Grants of up to $10,000 are awarded by the committee.

imagiNATIONS Native American Education Center - National Museum of the American Indian - NYC
$10,000 - As part of the creation of an education center, our grant will be used towards Workshop classroom technology that will support programs and communication with Native schools and youth groups. This technology will allow a student visitor in NYC to connect with Native American youth on their reservation in the Southwest.

Summer Bridge and Enrichment Project - The Bridge Foundation - Billings, MT
$10,00 - This program allows Native American high school students to attend top summer academic and leadership programs offered by colleges and universities in the US. Our grant with help needy students with tuition and travel costs as well basics such as toiletries, clothing, luggage and laptop computers.