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Global HIV/AIDS Ministry

Our Mission

The Riverside Church Global HIV and AIDS Ministry mission is advancing community HIV and AIDS Prevention, Education, Care, Support for all humankind impacted by HIV and AIDS Disease.

Who we are

We are a Ministry that celebrates the wholeness, wellness and inclusiveness of all persons no matter where you are on life's journey. The Ministry is a member of the National United Church of Christ HIV/AIDS Network (UCAN).

HIV and AIDS Program Activities - Domestic and International

Domestic Activities

  • Host quarterly Spiritual HIV Support Forum
  • Provides assistance to all Ministries of Riverside Church, local faith based groups to build and develop HIV/AIDS Programs
  • The ministry participates in public and faith as well as policy awareness for HIV and AIDS Prevention and Care events
  • The ministry participates in on-site HIV Testing, Counseling and Referral programs

The Ministry works in collaboration on HIV and AIDS Care issues in 6 areas of the world

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the Global HIV/AIDS Ministry and when are the public meetings held?
The Global HIV/AIDS Ministry holds open public meetings. Please contact the committee at or the Mission and Social Justice Department (212) 870-6854 for the next upcoming public meeting.