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Global Justice & Peace    
Global Justice & Peace


The Global Justice and Peace Ministry of the Social Justice Commission of The Riverside Church is committed to the Biblical vision of all people on earth caring for each other and for creation as one family where every member has the right to wholeness of life. We call on our congregation to express this vision in action and carry out our mission to: 1) witness to struggles for justice, peace and wholeness throughout the world; 2) challenge the structures that perpetuate poverty, oppression and violence; 3) protect the global environment; 4) develop collaborative social justice programs to address domestic and global issues; and 5) collaborate with other Riverside ministries and participate beyond Riverside in solidarity actions with those who share our goals, resisting oppression and violence against peoples and creation.

Come join us! Here are some of the areas in which we work:

Task Groups. Join a subgroup on specific issues, including : 1) the New Sanctuary Movement addressing injustices toward undocumented immigrants; and 2) anti-torture and Guantanamo detainees; and 3) environmental protection.

Planning meetings: Usually the first Sunday of the month at 1 pm following the church service. Bring your concerns, explore solutions and join the action.

Sunday coffee hour table. Drop by our table at the coffee hour after church to learn more about the struggle for justice and peace in the world and hear about what we are doing.

Letter writing campaigns and petitions. Get information you need to let those in power know what can insure justice, peace and a sustainable environment in the world.

Exhibits and bulletin board. Look at the displays in the Cloister Gallery including news features and announcements on the board behind our coffee table.

Networking. Network with national and international groups that share our goals. Make Riverside’s presence known in public protests.

For more information:
Call the Riverside Social Justice Office at 212-870-6740.