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Wellness Center    

Mission Statement

Based on Godís call to Wholeness, the Wellness Program (A Health, Healing & Wellness Ministry of the Membership & Parish Life Commission at The Riverside Church) is committed to helping the staff, congregation and community to attain and maintain high level wellness and explore the many dimensions of healing for body, mind and spirit.

Designed to serve and empower individuals and groups, the Wellness Program will sponsor a variety of methods for healthful living and self-care and engage in advocacy on behalf of its constituency.

What we offer:

The Wellness Program has been developed in the tradition of Christian healing and wholeness, and offers a wide variety of groups and services in an ecumenical and interfaith spirit through spiritual practice, education, small groups, and health maintenance and prevention services. Examples include: Meditation, Life-Challenging Illness and Bereavement Support Groups, Writers' Workshops, Yoga, Acupuncture, Holistic Health and Healing, Qigong, and Healing Touch and Prayer. Individual wellness sessions are also available. For a listing and calendar of events and programs, or for more information, contact the Wellness Center staff at (212) 870-6758.

Clent Jones, Health and Wellness Ministries (212) 870-6758