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Job Title: Custodian "On Call"
Reports to: Buildings & Grounds Supervisor
Department: Buildings & Grounds
Date: February 2015
Scheduled Work Week:

  • 1st Shift - 7:00 am - 3:30 pm
  • 2nd Shift - 3:30 pm - 12:00 am
  • 3rd Shift - 11:30 pm - 8:00 am
Job Summary:

Responsible for performing routine tasks associated with daily cleaning and maintenance of The Riverside Church and all of its facilities.

Essential Job Responsibilities:

  • Sweep and mop and scrub floors, stairs and other surfaces.
  • Use light and heavy equipment (industrial type) floor machines and attachments.
  • Scrub, strip, wax and polish floors using power scrubber and buffers.
  • Vacuum rugs in offices and public areas. Shampoo rugs periodically using heavy vacuum cleaner and rug shampooing machine.
  • Clean and dust furniture, exhibit cases, pictures, door trim and chalkboards.
  • Remove, wash and replace Venetian blinds and wash ceiling light fixtures.
  • Wash window sills, glass in corridor doors, glass in telephone booths and glass in entrance doors.
  • Wash and clean interior walls.
  • Clean and service lavatories, toilet rooms and rest rooms.
  • Replace liners in wastebaskets and trash containers
  • Collect and put out garbage for Sanitation Dept. pickup.
  • Set up and break down various rooms for church programs and outside events.
  • Move heavy furniture, supplies and miscellaneous equipment as directed.
  • Turn off lights, lock doors to rooms and offices.
  • Report items which need repairs.
  • Sweep and shovel snow from steps and walks of church
  • Lawn maintenance
  • Do laundry (tablecloths, towels, etc.)
  • Replace ordinary burnt out light bulbs (incandescent type)
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Experience and Education Requirements:

  • High school diploma, preferred
  • Minimum 2 - 5 years of facilities maintenance experience
  • Working knowledge of cleaning equipment and cleaning chemicals
  • Demonstrated ability to multi-task
  • Demonstrated ability to set up and break down rooms for events
  • Demonstrated ability to move heavy furniture, supplies and miscellaneous equipment
  • Punctual, follows instructions, responds to management direction and solicits feedback to improve performance.
  • Working knowledge of The Riverside Church.
  • Ability to behave within the Staff Vision of The Riverside Church- "Love is our Aim and Mutual Respect our Pathway".

Please forward your cover letter and resume to hresources@theriversidechurchny.org.

JOB TITLE: Minister for Justice, Advocacy, and Change
REPORTS TO: Executive Minister
DEPARTMENT: Social Justice
SCHEDULED WORK WEEK: 40 - 45 hours per week
DATE: May 1, 2015

The Minister for Justice, Advocacy and Change will provide primary staff leadership to implement the mission and vision of the Riverside Church in the area of social justice, advocacy, and change. The Minister will serve as staff to the Social Justice Commission.

Essential Job Responsibilities:

  • Preach and teach to help form members to think, speak and act prophetically in the world, lead in worship, and perform pastoral responsibilities as assigned by the Senior Minister;
  • Collaborate with Senior Staff in integrating social justice work with other programmatic areas of the church, in particular education, communication, stewardship;
  • Provide staff leadership to the Commission on Mission and Social Justice;
  • Work with the Commission to support and on occasions, guide the various social justice ministries in the church and facilitate the emergence of new ministries following established guidelines;
  • Develop an annual budget in cooperation with the Commission and provide ongoing management of the budget;
  • Supervise the work of staff in the department of social justice;
  • Interpret social justice initiatives to the congregation and help inspire engagement and commitment;
  • Develop, in collaboration with Communications staff, press releases and other statements that articulate the values of the Riverside Church in response to current events;
  • Organize the involvement of the church in social justice issues in New York City and beyond.
  • Build coalitions in the areas of justice, advocacy, and change with other allies in New York City; congregations, social justice organizations, government agencies;
  • Facilitate the involvement of members of the congregation in local social justice events in core areas of engagement: economic inequality, racial justice, the environment, gender and LGBTQ justice, peacemaking, gun violence;
  • Coordinate engagement among staff with our denominational affiliations (ABC & UCC) and partner institutions; Union Theological Seminary, New York Theological Seminary, Auburn Seminary, Columbia University and others as appropriate;
  • Participate in social justice clergy tables in New York City;
  • Represent the church in regional and national social justice initiatives and gatherings and working with the MSJ Commission, engage the congregation as appropriate;
  • Coordinate the development of statements, resolutions, and other forms of communication that express the commitments and values of the congregation for distribution as appropriate and recommend to the Commission adding the signature of the Riverside Church to statements developed by others;
  • Prepare an annual report on the work of the Commission in the area of justice, advocacy, and change.
  • Assume other tasks as assigned by the Senior or Executive Minister(s).


  • Membership and ordination in a denomination which is a member of the National Council of Churches.
  • Masters' degree in Divinity with a minimum eight (8) years experience.
  • Demonstrated theological understanding consistent with established core values of the Riverside Church; especially with regard to excellence and experience in the field of Christian education.
  • Pastoral experience, preferably in a congregation with a multi-cultural membership and an ethnically diverse staff.
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • Demonstrated ability to interact in a collaborative manner with other ministries and staff.
  • Experience in administration, budgeting, and staff supervision.
Please forward your cover letter and resume to hresources@theriversidechurchny.org.


Job Title: Watch Engineer/Mechanic
Reports to: Chief Engineeer
Department: Engineering

Job Summary:

Responsible for starting up, shutting down, maintaining, troubleshooting and repairing, or arranging for repairs of all the building operating systems located within the property.

A focus on [but not limited to] the upkeep and repair of all mechanical systems in the building. Some of the major systems are chilled, hot, condensate and condenser water; steam, heating, HVAC and associated controls for all of the above.

Essential Job Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for all preventive maintenance, necessary maintenance and repairs to the building mechanical, electrical, HVAC, and plumbing systems. Must be familiar with the location and have working knowledge of all building mechanical, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, life safety, fire protection and security systems to ensure proper operations and be able to act upon any conditions that are out of the ordinary.
  • Conduct periodic general preventative maintenance on the mechanical, electrical, HVAC, and plumbing systems. This involves normal lubrication, adjustment, cleaning, replacement of consumable parts (such as filters, belts, indicator lights, etc.) and periodic testing of the equipment. These systems include, but are not limited to; air handling units, (including both roof top and ceiling package units), re-circulating air systems, water pumping systems, cooling plant, heating plant, and all plumbing system components. Also conduct general building maintenance as needed.
  • Be responsive to both staff and tenant requests in the areas of safety, plumbing, mechanical electrical and environmental needs through both personal contact and work order systems.
  • Responds to routine and emergency calls for repair and service as directed supervisory staff.
  • Maintain maintenance logs and records, life safety records and logs. Familiarity with preventive maintenance and work order systems.
  • Responsible for open and effective lines of communication to supervisory staff regarding past, current and future assignments and emergencies.
  • Perform all assigned work so as to ensure the safety of the buildings staff and tenants and the continuous operation of the building.
  • Be familiar with and conform to all written operating procedures associated with the site.
  • Assist in snow and ice clearing operations, including the coordination of plowing and salting activities.
  • Responsible for understanding all of the engineering teams roles and are able to be interchangeable in roles and perform other duties as assigned by supervisor for the purpose of ensuring the efficient, safe and effective environment of the Riverside Church.

Experience and Education Requirements:

  • High school diploma or equivalent preferred
  • 2 to 5 years' experience
  • Excellent communication skills both written and verbal
  • Demonstrated ability to prioritize multiple tasks to meet deadlines
  • Demonstrated ability to interact in a collaborative manner with departments and supervisory staff

Certificates and Licenses Required:

  • NYC Fire Department Certificate of Fitness- Fire Safety/EAP Director
  • NYC Fire Department Certificate of Fitness-G-60 Torch Use of Flammable Gas
  • NYC Fire Department Certificate of Fitness-P-98 Supervise Fuel Storage in Buildings
  • NYC Fire Department Certificate of Fitness- S-12- Citywide Sprinkler System
  • NYC Fire Department Certificate of Fitness- S-13- Citywide Standpipe System
  • NYC Fire Department Certificate of Fitness- F-01 Citywide Fire Guard for Impairment

Please forward your cover letter and resume to hresources@theriversidechurchny.org.